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Entry Six - July 17, 2020

“Yeast is to flour as action is to ambition. Rising to success requires adding and alternating starters.” - Ryan Lily While I love bread...

Entry Five - July 10

It’s Kickstater Week! Our Kickstarter for Kikori has officially launched and it has been met with a heavy workload. The process of...

Entry Four - June 26, 2020

As this week comes to a close, I struggle to comprehend how I have been working with Kikori for four weeks. The time has truly flown by...

Entry Three - June 19, 2020

My third week at Kikori has been just as memorable as the previous two. I truly feel as though I am an equally valued member of the team,...

Intern Insights: Entry Two

Entry Two- June 12, 2020 Week two has been extremely busy at Kikori, however I have come to realize it is an essential component of the...

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